Sara was a disturbing girl. Just when he thought he’d quite got rid of thoughts of her, as if by magic she would quite suddenly appear and put askew his too well ordered day. Love once a consideration, no longer reasonable. She bothered him.

On a bicycle, riding out the sunlight basking in the goodness of it all, and out of nowhere, Sara. If only she had less of an inviting dimple. She always smiled at seeing him and it always seemed to catch him.

Hi. Hello he’d say, slowly taking her into the situation. Never really quite prepared for Sara he was often unsure of what to say. It seemed important to maintain that distance.

She often chuckled to herself. She liked to laugh and laughter suited her. She blinked, nodded toward a bike path, and beckoning him follow she added, I know this place.

Damn her anyway. What did she really want of him. Why did she keep reappearing and more so why should it disturb him. He knew it shouldn’t. He rationalized his life at least once every day.

She rode carelessly through the trees following the path and chattering as the gentle breezes played against her. He told her that life was as usual; they exchanged tidbits of idle gossip and as could have been predicted she suggested they stop at a park nearby for a bit.

As if scripted they sought the shade of a friendly elm and Sara settled in contented like a kitten. She seemed to be smoking a lot these days and the also forecast joint soon came to light. Sometimes he smoked with her but sometimes he deliberately avoided the contact. He was not sure which disturbed him more for Sara stoned was unpredictable. She unearthed a bag of cherries and once again she plunged him into one of her unexpected chronicles.