Hymn to Gaia

Gaia mother of all
foundation of all
the oldest one
I shall sing to earth
She feeds everything
that is in the world
Whoever you are
whether you live upon her sacred ground
or whether you live along the paths of the sea
you that fly
it is she
who nourishes you
from her treasure-store
Queen of Earth
through you
beautiful children
beautiful harvests
The giving of life
and the taking of life
both are yours
Happy is the man you honour
the one who has this
has everything
His fields thicken with ripe corn
his cattle grow heavy in the pastures
his house brims over with good things
These are the men you are masters of their city
the laws are just, the women are fair
happiness and fortune richly follow them
Their sons delight
in the ecstasy of youth
Their daughters play
they dance among the flowers
skipping in and out
they dance on the grass
over soft flowers
Holy goddess, you
honoured them
ever-flowing spirit
mother of the gods
bride of Heaven
sparkling with stars
For my song, life
allow me
loved of the heart
and in my other songs
I shall remember you