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A Kiss You Say

A Kiss You Say
Just one more kiss
A song so sweet so tender you dismiss
all other melodies
You sing of gentleness
Of knights in shining white
Of cupid’s play for Psyche -
and the song of love is played
A kiss you say
Just one more fore the road
Just one to last until the dream’s unfold
and there you are
again a wonder
Faceless, lifeless, full of all life’s wishes
And whispered thoughts, beyond the realm of thought
again the song is played
A lasting song which hints at glints of happiness
Alonging song which steals & feels its way to life
A song so sweet
The tenderness of gentleness
The gentleness of just a kiss

A Man

A man
An ordinary man
A man of life and lust
of giving, living, willingness
A fun-filled man
who smiles
And wiles his way into the heart
An ordinary man
of depth and truth and beauty in & out
A man to love
who knows what love is all about
this ordinary man

Adam, Adam Meet Your Madam

Adam, Adam meet your Madam
flying through the night
Poor Adam took a look at madam
And nearly died of fright
dark demonic not platonic
Nothing seemed to please
One minute this one minute that
She really was a tease
Twirling, whirling, ever swirling
Always this and that:
tall and thin with pointed chin
and yet sometimes quite fat.
Who was this Madame
Bequeathed to Adam
And then again by whom
Known to all when asked to call
Sweet Lulabelle to you.


One sometimes knows when
You are near
For then I hear
You calling
Each note the sweetest joy to me
the sound in each leaf falling.
Such sound bears witness
To your breathe.
It calls me to your arm
And so I step out merrily
Into your tender charm

Alligator Kisses

Alligator kisses
on the rivers of my mind
do hold those castled souls
They wind and wend and wander
Greened and darkened
Harkened unto blackness
To shake & break & fake it man
Those alligator kisses can.
Alligatior kisses
and crocodile tears
bring years of beers in old Tangiers
But that was yesterday
And oil stained charmers
Milked skin farmers
Give life a change
Baby’s hawling, caterwauling
Give life some zip, to make my trip
But that, that too was yesterday
The peace of chance, seductive dance
The trance and prance of life, I say
Must be today.

And The Weather Tonight

I land in the heart of your affections
and I am home.
Wrinkled and worn
I sink into the soul of your laughter
and I am home.
Overwhelmed with fatigue
I am lulled into the cradle of your breath
and I am home.
And when I am lost
In the desert of my despair
You come as the wind
Howling your raga call
Seeking me out
bidding me follow
tempting me home

Aphrodite Queen Of May

Aphrodite Queen of May
Let your fair hair loose I pray
Let sunlight kiss those wrinkled tears
Let go of sorrow, gift of years

As A Moth To A Flame

As a moth to the Flame
I call your Name
Toute la mēme
All the same.

As I Slip Into The Silence

As I slip into the silence
You take me by the hand
And in every raindrop moment
Life births a grain of sand
The sand remarks the silence
Creating earth and sky
As I slip into the silence
We watch the clouds pass by.

As Mother Of My Youngest Child

As mother of my youngest child
As father of my dreams
You live inside my tune for you
At least- that's how it seems

As One Small Leaf

As one small leaf on your
great tree
We live for all eternity
through many sums
We’ve danced our song and
tomorrow always comes along.

As The Beekeeper Tends To His Garden

As the beekeeper tends to his garden
His garden is voice to the sky
As the skykeeper tends to his garden
He becomes the cloud passing by

As You Tend the Sky

As you tend the sky
and with each morning breeze
call forth a new
I rise in wonder
cheek out ready for my morning kiss.
And if I miss this loving kiss
I find it hard
to tend my heart
So let the breeze sing tenderly
And we will start to make our way

At The Bay

at the bay
one fine sunshine day
I saw you were laughing
With sail boats at play
Breezes were blowing
your loving caress
to be tossed like these sailboats
I did want I confess
to feel your sweet sunshine
to know you each day
is my raison d’etre
my path and my way.

At The Glimpse Of A Cloud

At the glimpse of a cloud
I know you are there
crossing the desert sky
Lighting the way
Quenching our thirst
for love
At the glimpse of a cloud
I know you are here

Boujourno Senora

Boujourno Senora
A qe est your pleasure
Just one little treasure
To take to your home
May it please you senora
A fine little trinket
For wouldn’t you think it
So cheap as you roam
Dear senora I ask you
Consider a minute
There is no sin in it now
Take down your sweet comb

Castles Pink

Castles pink
and through the sink the soapy bubbles
lead to charming
Gentle farming
Garden windows, poppy boxes
willow wallow
Add a swallow-
To life in auld lang syne


Between what is
and what is not
is the entire realm
of philosophical thought
The fine line of logos
giving eros a kiss
a philosopher lives for
such a moment as this

Come Dance With Me

Come dance with me a while
and we will chase between the moonbeams
clamber up the sunbeams
milk the starry night for dreams
Come sing with me a while
And we’ll meander through the forests
in search of soulful chorus
Come love with me a while
And we shall smile awhile.


To make confusion go away
One simply dances through the day.

Each Little Note

Each little note of this beautiful rhyme
Catches my throat yet another time
Lines & letters dance onto the page
Giving life to the cosmic stage.
Each little word is a mirror of time
And all of it caught in this beautiful rhyme

Each Moment In Time

Each moment in time
When caught in this rhyme
Is a gift from the Gods
To lessen the odds.
For a kiss filled with love
In such words from above
Is a chalice of grace
Adding eros to space.

Each Sunshine Day

I see that in each
sunshine day
You cast your joy
On life’s sweet play
For while such heat
May scorch the heart
Move courage still
To make a start
Each sun drop urges
Life’s sweet touch
Each star beam tempts life
oh so much
I yearn to tend the
garden gate
Where sunshine
blossoms into fate.

Eatting Cherries

In such tasty morsels
The sweetness of your breath
Is Aphrodite’s call to love.
Like juicy cherries
Your kisses
are the richness
of my delight
My heart
Starved by your love
pours vintage wine
for all I meet
at the garden gate.
As I await


Ecstasy is the
sweet longing
in each moment
that keeps me
from your side.
Ecstasy is the
sweet longing and so I
seek the moment
which calls me to your side.

Even Thou

Even thou
I cannot know
Where somber moments lead
What I do know
Is even thou
They serve some cosmic need
For us poor folk
They soon provoke
A distance from your heart
So as us you near
Please hold us dear
Let us not draw apart
For even thou
I cannot know
where somber moments lead
I cannot fear
What you hold clear
Distrust I must concede

Ever Since We Learned To Waltz

Ever since we learned to waltz
We’re never been apart
to dance the dance forever more
I keep you in my heart
And now that we have learned to waltz
And in my heart you dance
We hear the music alter beat
I rise up slowly from my seat
And as you gently guide my trembling feet
Fate smiles at such a chance.


is the majesty of your breathe
is the caress of your delight
is the melody of your song
is the laughter of your smile
is home.

Faces of Eve

Faces of Eve
The love
The hate
The mystery
The eyes that flash of tales untold
Of thoughts they long to hold
And keep them wombed

For Ram Dass

I must recall from time to time
Although I am not my body prime
My body I do need to be
To find you in the tallest tree
Non solum is the biggest key
But also follows easily
And so it would them seem to me
Espire de corps, not just, (esprit)

For Reasons That I Can Not Say

For reasons that I can not say
My heart feels very good today
And not because of this or that
Nor probably the low cal fat
Unless you count your sweetest kiss
It always makes me feel like this
So as I cross throu mornings gate
To once again pursue my fate
I can not help but contemplate
Just one more kiss

Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent
Shock waves which come
with such affection
can only seek protection
in the heart
To hold each other clear
for sure that’s meant
its clear
And the only other thing
to do is start.

How Can I Be Universal

How can I be universal
If I am unitarian
How can I taste everything
If I am vegetarian
There are such rules as do apply
But how far do they go
The earth a small part of the sky
Yet God the whole big show.

How Do I Know

How do I know
When you
toss me a kiss
the signs are
all there
One cannot dismiss
the bird that
comes calling
She is surely
Your muse
She sings of
your longing
I cannot refuse
to smile at the
twinkle she brings
to my eye.
I feel your sweet kiss
As you’re just passing by.

How Do I See Thee

How do I see thee
When see thee I must
As I sift throu the ashes
For stars in the dust
Where is the moment
I seek in each tear
Where is the heartstring
To summon you near
I wait on the park bench
And hope you will call
You sit on the parkbench
Awaiting my call
So I step throu the ashes
And peer throu the dust
In search of the moment
For know you I must

How Do Trees Stand

How do trees stand
straight and tall
In fact, what makes
them stand at all

How Sweet

How Sweet
dear God
to hear you beckon
in each note
how sweet
dear God
to hear you
say hello.

Hungarian Kisses

Hungarian kisses
Although quite delectable
Have a delectable charm.

I Almost Had It

I almost had it man
I almost caught hold
But something about those stars said
Brother, do you want yourself sold
Well there was no other answer
I said why thank you, no
I’ll go down south and back there sometime
I think for now, I’ll just let go
Well I’ll go where the wheat is magic
Where the sand is a treasure trove
Where the lover of the sun
Is the ruler of the sea
And maybe
Just maybe
I’ll catch hold.

I Can Only Smile

Despite the plagues
Despite the war
Despite the mystery
Of what we’re for
Despite old age
Despite mischance
I can only smile
Since you asked me to dance
For as we dance I hear you cry
At all the sorrows passing by
But as you cry you also sing
And soon the winter calls the spring

I Cannot Recall

I cannot recall
as I came though the hall
If today’s the day of the dance
When suddenly near
the trumpet is clear
I quicken and move in a trance
With words ever sweet you
dearly entreat me to step
Onto the dance floor and today play
As the trumpet grows loud
There’s surely a crowd
as you and your orchestra play.

I Do Not Love You Any More

I do not love you any more
Worshipping at your front door
More to the point is je t' adore
And now we both sleep on the floor

I Know When You Are Near

I know when you are near.
There is such sweetness
in the air
And merrily the clouds
make way
The path so clear
When you are here.

I Like The Way You Dance

I like the way you dance
I love the way you smile
And so I whisper tenderly
You ought to stay awhile

I Live In Your Laughter

I live in your laughter
You live in my smile
So we are the laugher
And we are the smile
There is only this moment
And on it we dance.
The smile in our laughter
Says lets take a chance
So we kiss in the moonlight
Hold hands by the sea
Is that all there is
mais oui, darling, mais oui.

I Miss Your Kiss

I miss your kiss
and making love
cheese eggs
and twilght swings
among many other things
I think of you
and wanting you
to love
can make me sigh;
and sometimes I may cry.

I Remember Way Back When

Well I remember way back when
But times were really different then
Cause I was just a kid at heart

I See Now That I'm 54

I see now that I’m 54
A horizon of light
As the golden door
The fronds Salute
As I pass the gate
Each wave a kiss calling
To seal my fate
As the waves dance onward
And carry you near
You trumpet your silence
I know you are here
At 54 in the golden light
I dance at the door
You laugh at the sight
The fronds salute
As we pass each gate
Each day a wave calling
on a door called fate

I See You On The Rainbow Bridge

I see you on the rainbow bridge
You kindly mark the gate
But getting to this rainbow bridge
Ah that is truly fate.
You sit there waiting patiently
In hopes that I’ll appear
You love me oh so tenderly
I cast away my fear.
Its true that I have seen the gate
And known you at the door.
The rainbow bridge is home to me
We’ve come this way before.

I See You

Though some moments
Hold the chill of night
Others blind me
With their light
For when I see you
Smile and wave
I soon forget to dig my grave.

I See Your Soul Dance

I see your soul dance
in each frolicking wave
I see how you call me
to dance on my grave
there is only this moment
The best time to dance
Enter the round
Life itself is the chance.
A great invitation
to live in this round
Head in the stardust
toes on home ground
the sands mark my passing
The breeze carries your song
As you offer the dance floor
I hum right along.

I Touch Your Smile

I touch your smile
You smell my song
We taste our hearts
As they dance along
You hear my soul
I see your fire
Ah dear friend
To know desire

I Wonder Where God Is Tonight

I wonder where God is tonight
Where does He sleep
Where does She eat
Where is it that both
Faces meet?

If Elephants Could fly, my Love

If elephants could fly, my love
And castles could spread wings
I’d bring before you wondrous sights
I’d teach you many things.
Its not enough to tell you
What and who and when and where
Its not enough to show you things
that are so plainly there
To teach my love is more than this
Its How and Why and So
Its magical and mystical
Its getting you to know
That things are not just what they seem
Because they seem to be
The reason love, the scheme of things
Is what you ought to see
If castles then could spread their wings
And elephants could fly
The sky would be a crowded face
The birds a small neglected race
And clouds so very hard to trace
The world would be a different place

If I Am Not In Charge

If I am not in charge
of this show
Who is
And where is the
ticket counter
line up
and pop corn.

If I Were Not Here

If I were not here
Where would I be.
Now that dear friend
Is a mystery

If I were not here
Perhaps I'd be there
And from here to there
Could be anywhere

If I were not here
I'd be on my way
Turning my back on yesterday

If I were not here
Where would I be
With you my friend
By the edge of the sea.

By the edge of the sea
With you my friend
Is where I would be
throu eternity

If There Is A God

If there is a God
And more than one
then who’s in charge
of all the fun
And if a god
there needs to be
where are the roots
of the Family tree
Should we search above
or in the Great Below
And if we meet God
How will we know
If there are Gods
And there just may be
then who is in charge of eternity

I'll Laugh When I Find Out

I’ll laugh when I find out
Who are you then and what about
The questions want to fill the air
I feel you close so do I dare
to wink & smile & tempt you near-
A word with you will make it clear.

In And Out The Garden Door

In and out the garden door
the catalyst to something more
enticing, juicy earthy cove
We meet along the way.

In Search Of Light

In search of light
I seek the night
Beneath the earth
Where stars give birth
To visions true
Of golden hue. There
Moonbeams slender
Oh so tender
call me to your side
A moment near
removes all fear
and soon enough my pride
In search of light
I find delight
Where stars give birth
To thoughts of earth.

In The Heart Of Your Desire

In the heart of your desire
I feel you close
The sky ablaze with drops of love
I hear you beckon me
make haste
Your shade casts solace
over my affection’s bruised
tender from each moment spent
In the heart of your desire.

Isn't It So Odd

It isn’t so odd that
I love you so deeply
For clearly it’s just
meant to be
Like flowers and birds
Laughter and words
We seem bound in the
great unnamed tree
So I sing to the sunshine
Call to your soul
As we meet on the dance floor
each day to play
I know you my dear one
I see you await
as we celebrate parts of the play
start joyously into our day
step merrily onto the day

It Is All In The Dance

It is all in the dance
And who should know better than I
Taught by the man
To let go as I can
I reach up my hands
To the sky.
Women said
Hold out your arms
never surrender your charms.
Let your eyes twinkle bright
Balance kindness with might
And soon he’ll fall into your charms
So I dance at the shore by the sea
Knowing he will soon be by
He can not resist, being danced & being kissed
By the starbeam he saw dancing by

It Is Hard To Be Patient

It is hard to be patient and sit by the fire
Not conjure up stargates to waft one up higher
For lightness holds magic
Gives brightness its glow
The funny thing is
There’s no more to know

It Is Only By Grace

It is only by grace
That I face each day
Ready to live in
The heartof your way
I cannot imagine
A gift more dear
Than sharing your journey
Throu this next year.
Thou the price is dear
That much is clear

It Was Sunday On The Planet Earth

It was Sunday on the planet Earth
Before my eyes the sky gave birth
To innocence bathed soft with blue
To morning’s pledge of each new day
To dew drops christened by your sweet light
On planet earth, blessed by your mirth
For what its worth I often thanks,
For such delight

Its So Amazing

Its so amazing this
Life of ours
As the hours tick away
We pay no attention
And hardly give mention
As the hours sound
Death on each day
For the hours and hours
that are ours just one time
Create our whole history
Our cultural rhyme.
So the hours and hours
we spend in each day
Are much better spent
In a kindler way

Just One Or Three

Whether you are
one or three
To me there’s only
For sure I know
theres’ me and you
But doesn’t it end
At just we two
If I am you
and you are me
is one and one
Just one or three.

Key To Your Heart

Where did you leave the
key to your heart
Press over there
On the button called
With a heart full
of kindness
You must move it around
Else it grows heavy
And runs you to the ground- then
You forget there is kindness
You forget about start
But its really all over
When you forget about heart.
So remember the button
The key to your heart
When life seems too burdened
Reach out and START

Lady Of The Western Sky

There lives a color
Like no other
Turquoise being her name
Goddess true
Eyes ever blue
sweet Mistress of the game
She winks & smiles
With many guiles
She calls me to her side
Each moment near
I grow more clear
I cast aside my pride
I seek her out
I call her name
the mother of my dreams
the edge of life, the
edge of sky
is home to her
it seems.


won’t you stay a while
won’t you say hello
and show me all your charms
I watch you as you hug the wind
and wonder
that we have not met before.

Life Calls For A Dance

Is the light at the end
Or does it begin
Which way is out
And which way is in
Which door holds the morning
Which gateway the chance
When such questions hold sway
Life calls for a dance

Life Is For Living

Life is for living at least so they say
Don’t plan for tomorrow but live for today
Be happy, be joyful, be merry, be gay
At least so they say
And it sounds well and good
As all fairy tales do
Yet there’s something about it
If only I knew
I would pin down and shout
From the depths of my soul
I’m happy, I’m merry, I’m joyful, I’m gay
I breathe and I eat
I sleep and I dream
My life is for living yet somehow I seem
To find it a drag not to know where I’m at
So I live for tomorrow I plan for today
Yet somehow I know there’s can easier way.

Like A Waterfall

Like a waterfall I dance
to your doorstep
Like the cedar I reach
for your hand
Like the mountain I cling
to your longing
Like the daisies I smile
on your land
Like a meadow I bask
in your sunshine
Like the dewdrops I call
you to play
Like the starlight I sing
to your heartbeat
Like the morning I seek
out the way.

Live In The Moment

When one is told
to live in the moment
One might wonder
Which moment is under
Consideration; human or cosmic
and therefore
when one is told to live in the moment
one might wonder if
there is one pair of shoes
to fit all such moments.

Meet Me In The Meadow

Meet me in the meadow
When the hour is half past dusk
For when I meet you in the meadow
I will wear my sweetest musk
Meet me in the meadow
as we chase away the moon
For when I meet you in the meadow
We will linger long past noon
Meet me in the meadow
And we shall dance light into day
For when I meet you in the meadow
You become the way.

Moments Like These

Moments yes moments like these
Can scarcely be said to be dull
They are magic such moments as these
Oh so rare, yet I know them so well

Moon Struck Quartet

Nice to see you Mr. Moon
or are you Lady Luck
Although it matters not at all
When suddenly I’m struck
Is Moonlight nature’s call
to life
Is Earth the long sought love
I see you winking my dear Moon
Announcing life above.
So life above & life below
Created by the cosmic flow.
And flow is ever at your whim
Giving birth to She & Him.

Tender is the memory
Of knowing you so dear
I want to call you back again
To keep it ever clear

In but a moment we did meet
We danced around the moon
Like lovers caught at mornings light
The sun rose far too soon.

Yet in that morning light I saw
You kiss both moon and sun
And in that instant I did know
that two is held by one.

As sunlight dances on each wave
I seem to hear you smile
I feel you whisper lovingly
I’m here to stay awhile

And so I heed your loving call
I sit and watch you play- Ah
Great master of the universe
Creating night and day

Your magic is an awesome sight
the moon a memory past
As sunlight dances on each wave
The cosmic dice are cast!

When one moves forth
Does one not call
Your loving in return
As each step along the path
We feel desire burn.
To know you as the friend
Who lights our hearts along the way
Each light creates another step
As night gives birth to day.

My Wanting You Is Taunting Me

My wanting you is taunting me
My needing you is haunting me
My patience sorely tired
An unfortunate thing
In most everyone’s life
Is the absence of family as friends

No More To Say

Here I may
Sit each day
Watch the play
God leads the way
I take my place
No more to say.

No Point to Lament

No point to lament
My discontent
No reason to
Season despair
How can I hope
To realistically cope
With a world gone
Suddenly bare

Who has stolen the dreams
Hidden the smiles
Spirited manners away
Where is the time
For creating our rhyme
Are we done
Do we just go away?

Oh Gypsy Man

Oh gypsy man tell me can you be a lover
Gypsy man, gypsy can you be a friend
A man to over-ride me
A soul to lie beside me
I need a friendly lover, I need a loving friend
A tender man, a gentle man
A man who laughs and cries
A willing man, a wanting man
A man who smiles & sighs
A scheming man, a dreaming man
A man of strength & truth
A giving man, a loving man
I’ve seen this all in You.
So gypsy man, sweet gypsy man
will you be a lover
Gypsy man tell me
will you be a friend
a man to over ride me
a soul to lie beside me
I want you for my lover, I want you for my friend.

Papayas and Sunlight

You can see that
Papayas and sunlight
call each other onto
the dance floor. Child of their passions
is my morning kiss
Some moments of the mystery’s definitely sweeter than others

Pop Quiz

Where will I be at the
end of the day
Will I know more about
Who leads the way
Will I still smile
at the joy I know well
What am I doing here
time only will tell


When sand turns to dust
There is no more to say-though
I look for your sweetness
At the end of each day
It is hard to smile brightly
With danger so near;
It is hard to see kindly,
The way is not clear
As I watch the clay harden
Each wrinkle a tear
I sit in the ashes
And know you are near.
So sing to me gently
Each teardrop your kiss
As long as I linger
There’s no more to miss.

Simple Clown

Oh, how foolish simple clown,
Not to see the verb as noun,
When I want the want is you
I am just a touch of glue

Small And Humble

How small and humble
I must seem
If It were not but
Just a dream
And even in this dream
I feel
the dream itself
Cannot be real.
So real is but a moment’s
And in our moments
We are caught.
Then small and humble
We do seem
Dancing onward in this dream.

Sometimes My Dear Friend

Sometimes my dear friend
It is only the knowing
you which calls
the small raft to shore
As winds beckon
And waves threaten
Only the magnificence
Of presence gives
Anchor to sway
Lighting the way

Stage Directions

While I’m happy to play
In the mystery each day
There’s one little thing
Perhaps I might say;
Things are not going well
In fact it quite bad
I’m sure if you notice
It will make you quite sad-
Just the act of being mindful
Would change things around
Hearts would rest easy
Joy would abound
A few little manners
Some kindness and thought
Or notions of family
Seem all come to naught

Stay With Me A Moment

Stay with me a moment
Linger by my side
I know that I can feel you
As you dance in on the tide
Stay with me a moment
Each wave a step so near
I know that I can see you
The mirror crystal clear.
Stay with me a moment
In each sundrop we’ll abide
I know that I can touch you
As you dance in on the tide

Sweet Starbeams

Sweet starbeams
Kiss the morning dew
I feel that kiss
With each day new.
I am the kiss
You are the dew

Take Me

Take me
Take me with you
Take me with you always &
keep me
Keep me with you
Keep me with you always &
want me
Want me with you
Want me with you always
I am yours for the taking.

The Greatest Mystery

The greatest mystery
I confess
Is how my life
rides on my breathe.

There Is No Place I'd Rather Be

There is no place I’d rather be
Than in this chair to yearn for thee
Such sweet desire
Fills my soul
It calls the dance
Another step
It tells the fiddler
Take a chance
And introduce a minuet

There Is No Taking Only A Moment

There is no taking only a moment
to love you, dear God
For then it would surely seem odd
to ever do anything else.

There Is Not Time When Time Is Not

There is no time when time is not
No place no space where God is not
Yet time & space gives God a place
And so it is not all for naught.

There Is Such Mystery In My Life

There is such mystery in my life
To have a husband
Be a wife
A sister sweet who love’s me dear
Brothers gentle, parents near
A greater mystery even yet
Is the child we did beget
There is no greater joy to me
honey blossom Miellie bee.

Thoughts On Rainbows

Thoughts on Rainbows
The smile of yours
I love the best
Is one you smile
From heaven’s rest
When rainbow moments
Fill the sky’s
I feel your laughter
In my eyes
And with affection
Greatly clear
I smile myself
From ear to ear

To Find You In The Tallest Tree

To find you in the tallest tree
I kneel before you patiently
For in the tree I find a leaf
And there you also live beneath
As guardian of
the treasured heart
I do adore you

To Know So Little

To know so little
And want so much
Again to savour
Your feathered touch
As silken kisses haunt the cavern
And feathered kisses light the tavern
To want so little
And know so much
Too much is so little
As too so little so too much.

Touch Me With Your Smile

Touch me with your smile
Favor me a kiss
Stay with me a moment
May it always be like this
Dancing round the mountain
We have been here yet before
As we bid the star light follow
Aphrodite tends the door
Each kiss leads to another
Each moment one of bliss
To know you as my lover
May it always be like this


On wings of light
I learn to fly
Through ocean’s bliss
I hear my cry.
O sweet mother hear
My pain
To be with you
And home again
One Two Three Four
Almost out the door
One TwoThree
woe is me
One Two
what to do
back to one
life undone
and Life begun.
Bird’s of fire
Hearts torment
Gifts of laughter
Heaven sent
Little black shoes
On too big feet
At the crossroads
Take a seat

Wake Up Call

I feel your sole in the light
Each sunbeam coming into sight
And as in that moment we do dance
I offer thanks for such a chance
to spend a moment
You and I
as you light up
The morning sky

We Are So Small

We are so small
And far away
Living in the dark of day
We feel our way
Through time and space
Always looking for that place
Where we are not small
Nor far away
Where we live in the light of day
Yet in the light of day
We find
Our lives on earth
Are rather blind

We Watch The Dawn

We watch the dawn
Caress the night
Like lovers true
they take delight
In stolen moments.
Lost in time
the dawn makes way
Yet one more day.
And just as soon
the twilight hour
Calls the day to rest
As Starlights kiss the moonlit sky
We hear the heavens smile.

Well Pardon Me

Well pardon me, brother
But I got another trip to catch
Won’t ya just ‘scuse me a while
I see a door without a latch
The gulleys of my mind
are glistening fountains
and the waterfalls are hinting
from within
So if you’ll pardon me
for just a moment
Then I’ll come and tell you what I’ve been.

What Else

If stars of night
Are there in day
What else might be there

What More Can I Say

What more can I say
Than I’ve already said
The past has been perfect
The future ahead…

Thou storm clouds do threaten
And mothers do fight
Just the fact that they do so
Is the morning of night

So I cannot imagine
More beauty than this
So yet again maestro
I toss you a kiss.

What To Do With A Broken Heart

What to do with a broken heart
what to do when life falls apart
How to go on when why is unclear
The first step I take it to ask for your ear.
Please God I say
If you’d be so kind
I have something sitting
Inside my mind
Not to question your overall scheme
But I’m not happy inside this dream.
Please dear God
it would be just great
if I could only appreciate
why such sorrows there need to be
sometimes it is difficult
to be a leaf
on your tree.

What To Do

What to do
when there is two
with life begun
In space for one
the kingdom holds
but just one ring
The need for two
will start the terror
the choice of one
Creates the error
One must win all others loose
Which to pick and how to choose
Catch the details on the late night news.

When I Can Find No Solace

When I can find no solace
At the end of the day
I am always amazed
At how you make your way
Ever so gently to my
Bedside dreams
And some how in the morning
It’s a little better it seems.

When Life Confuses

When life confuses
And so it will
Who shall fix it
And with what pill
Can magic charms
Recant our fate
Can we even contemplate
A simple life
Not red by chance
Can we know truth
Without life’s glance.

When Love Is Not

When love is not there
It only gets bad
When you suddenly know
It was there to be had
But love is like flowers
That dance with the bees
It takes two to tango
through she requires no fees
But certain by so
It would seem at a glance
That love does not come
If you don’t take a chance
Love likes a wink
And a smile and a song
It always takes two to
Invite love along.

When You Called Me Here To Play

When you called me here to play
I cast aside the highland way
And as we dance this cosmic dance
I am in awe at such a chance
To share this moment You and I
Creating rainbows in the sky
To share this moment makes life real
Upon my life it puts your seal.

Where Are You Not

Where are you not
I cannot tell
You are the water
And the well
I am the bucket
In your hand
And move to serve
Your heart's command

Where Earth Meets Sky

Where earth meets sky
I feel your kiss
Such turquoise grace
one can not miss
Nor I resist such turquoise charm
It calls me home into your arms

Where Is Mrs. God?

Where is Mrs. God I said
Oh my goodness is she dead
How can God then live a life
What is man without a wife
Where is Mrs. God I ask
to find her is no small time task
Where is Mrs. God I say
Still hidden in the light of day
Is she gone
Is she forgot
Salted by the Lord of Lot
Is she bound or yet still free
Rooted in the family tree.
Where is Mrs. God I cry
Without her I will surely die
O there she is in still of night
And always was there shining bright

Where Will I Find You

Where will I find you
If I find you not here
Where will I seek you
If I seek you not here
To find you & seek you
The dear is so near

Who Calls Me In

Who calls me in
Who seeks my hand
Who sets the clock
And calls the dance
I hear the pipes
And trumpets call
I set my steps by
Toward the Hall.

Who Can Mistake You

Who can mistake you
Your grace & your charm
As you beckon me tenderly

And offer your arm
To dance through the night,
Ah that little dream
Chasing stardust til morning,
How sweet that does seem
Yet the starbeams hold sorrow
The morning not clear-
The trumpet has broken
We each shed a tear

Who Could Not Smile

Who could not smile at
the way that you dance
So the chance I will notice
Is great
Each starbeam your dance floor
A grain in the hearts drawer
I merrily answer the gate
To dance with you darling
To let loose the heartstrings
life is no richer than this
And yet there is something
A piccolo something
Even more sacred than this.
So dance with me darling
And love awhile -then
Leave me with one little kiss.

Winds Kiss Me

Winds kiss me
Trees whisper to me
Sweet grasses caress me
Pines whistle at me
And yet I yearn for you
You are the winds that nuzzle me
The trees that enfold me
The grasses softly bathing me
The pine trees winking gently at me
And so I yearn for you

With A Wink I Beckon Thee

With a wink I beckon thee
Enter my life
With a wink you do beckon
I to be your sweet wife
And my life as your wife
Is enternal at least
with knowing that deeply
comes eternal peace.
As meet by the yew tree
Each mid summer feast

You Are The Moment

You are the moment
I am the dance
You are the reason
I must take a chance.

You Call Me To Life

You call me to Life
As you call me to Death
My total existence
Is one small breath
From your generous heart
Which quickens my spirit
I offer thanks for the gift
I hope you can hear it.

You Like to Tease

You like to tease
I like to please
So we laugh and we play
Neath the soft evening breeze
You like to kiss me
I like to kiss back
Such the simplest of moments
Keeps like on its track
Such the simplest moments
Reunite heaven and earth
Such the simplest of moments
are the midwofe to birth.

You Must Be Near

You must be near
I feel you close
Sweet kisses on the evening breeze
You must be close
I feel you near
I like the way you like to tease.

You Summon Me

You summon me. And
in the twinkle of the streetlamp
I fall into the kiss of your
Sweet light.
You call for me
And with such turquoise grace
You sing the night sky home
And yearn for me as I
do call you home

Your Kiss Is Worth A Thousand Tears

Your kiss is worth a thousand tears
And If I wait for many years
To feel your loving kiss again
I am the desert you the rain.

Your Silence Is Everywhere

Your silence is everywhere
and so I listen for you
as you sway endlessly
in every leaf
And when silence
is no where to be found
Beneath the monkey chatter
I listen for you
as you sway endlessly
in every word


Copyright © 2023 Rokie Bernstein