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Rokie is also a strong personal supporter of many organizations and gives donations where ever and whenever asked. Rokie sees an outstretched hand as an opportunity to share her gifts, her privileges, her wealth of experience or simply a kind word. Rokie loves to help, loves to serve, and loves to give. The questions is not where is God she often quotes, the question she says is, Where is God not?

Project Warmth Society of Alberta- "What can we say. Rokie's recent submission and donation came at a time when the challenges are certainly great, the demands are increasing, and we are all doing our utmost to fulfill and satisfy the needs and requirements presented. We are succeeding in helping those in need, and that would not be possible without Rokie's support and most gracious and substantial donation. Rokie, thank you so much for your donation, and your great generosity."
Gordon J. Hoffman

The Mighty Soccer Dogs- “I started my own soccer team for kids with or with out a special need only for the reason being, is that my 12 year old daughter was turned away from a beginners soccer team because she has Down Syndrome. Starting up this team, I knew it was going to be a huge undertaking, but on behalf of my daughter and all the other kids that have not been able to join a team, it had to be done. Right away, Rokie came to our rescue and supported us financially with no questions asked. We are now into our second year with over 120 players, most with special needs and our angel on earth, Rokie is still supporting us. Our team is a free league and that was my promise at the beginning, I just know the expenses are huge when you have a child with special needs. There are so many therapies we put our kids into, so they have the chance to thrive just like any other kid. With supporters like Rokie , I have been able to keep this promise. We have over 40 volunteers and 12 coaches that bring this team to life every Saturday morning. With their bright t shirts on, they stroll onto the field and the action begins. All of our players have beautiful green uniforms and the rainbow of colours on the field just takes your breath away. One parent describes our field as the Field of Dreams.......On behalf of all the families Rokie has touched, I thank you!!!!"
Abbe Gates

Treats for a Cure- “When you work for a company of women chances are someone will have to face breast cancer in their lifetime. For three years now, Rokie has encouraged and supported us in our efforts to raise money to create a future without breast cancer. Each fall we hold a fabulous "pink themed" bake sale at our head office. All of the goodies are baked by the head office staff and then Snowflake matches all of the funds raised. The first year we donated $812.58. Last year $1,787.60 was donated and this year $2896.94 was donated. Not bad for a 2 1/2 hour bake sale! Thank you Rokie for supporting us and doubling everything we raise.”
Christine Patterson

A Friend in Need- Rokie believes in helping those with immediate need and over the years she has befriended many of Vancouver’s street people. Over the last couple of years Rokie has formed a special friendship with a man who sold flowers on her route home from the office. Since their first meetings Rokie has helped to get him into a safe and permanent home. She also hosts a holiday dinner for everyone in the residence with the help of her family and staff. Rokie often encourages those around her to give without judgment, as you never know what has happened in someone’s life to lead them to where they are today. It is not our place to judge, only to help if we can.

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