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Welcome to my website. I have given a lot of thought to what the idea of a “green” planet means. After all green is actually the name of a color; it is not even a primary color, it is a mix of yellow and blue. It is a marriage of water and sky that gives us the illusion that the earth we live on in all of its wonder can be called green. What does it mean to want to be more green? Are we talking about ecology, biology, zoology, psychology or any of the other divisions that we have created to describe our world, and more to the point when does trying to be green become gangrene?

Now there is something to certainly ponder. There are many people on this planet with different agendas: save the planet, save the whales, save the animals, save the children and it goes on. Many of these are at odds with each other. So we get the age old argument, as old in fact as the planet itself, of the right to live versus the food chain. So whose life or which lives are we talking about and what about the food chain? I have yet to meet a vegetarian lion and yet lions come with nature. So who has a right to live, the hunter or the hunted, and which is which? This in itself could lead to an eternal discussion of who has what rights and even more importantly, particularly today, who gets to judge. As the saying goes, “what will happen to the sheep if the wolf is the judge?” These issues are extremely important right now. All kinds of people are ramped up in causes which although they seem to be worthy, in actual fact turn out to be self serving with no reality as their base. To argue for ethical rights of anything without being ethical oneself is hypocritical at least and can be more dangerous then one can possibly imagine.

This is the season of peace on earth and good will toward men. It is the time when we reflect on our blessings and allow ourselves the opportunity to be generous and kind. There is no kindness in hatred, there is no kindness in terrorism, and there is no kindness in turning one’s back. The fine line between prudence and cowardness requires each of us to ask ourselves not only how we feel about these issues but how do we react when faced with them. To turn away, to profess ignorance, to allow others to make decisions for us is to abdicate our responsibilities as human beings on this most extraordinary of planets: our planet, planet earth. Our planet, not his or hers or theirs, OURS. There is no one person no one ideology, no one “ism” that is judge jury and executioner of this wonderful green vibrant life-sustaining earth that feeds us, nourishes us, comforts us and gives us our right to life… ALL of us.

And if one is looking for causes to support, one can certainly look right in front of ones very eyes. Homelessness is rampant, human trafficking- an act of hatred beyond belief, natural disasters occurring daily: all of these things right at our front doors. Children are starving, people are dying of diseases that could actually be cured and the plastic is piling up and piling up and piling up some more.

So what is green? Is it a color? Is it an ideology? Is it in fact anything that unites us as the guardians and custodians of this amazing gift called life? So again, I ask whose life, and how do we support all of life with all of its complexities without aggression, without harassment, without violence, without terrorism. Shame and blame are not the answer.

Whatever else it is, violence of any kind in the name of ethics, morals and justice is definitely not green. We are tourists on planet earth: we are not the creators, nor will we be its destroyers. What we do in each and every moment demands respect, kindness and cooperation, anything less puts us backwards into a very uncivilized, unjust and unkind place. Sometimes sensitive issues require compassion from all perspectives. There really is no right way to do a wrong thing. The planet, our planet has its own life and no cause or belief can be in the best interest of the planet done from an unethical self-serving immoral perspective.

Many times we will have to agree to disagree and from there we can begin to truly be the finest of human beings that the earth, our earth deserves. It is only when we become “We” that the planet can become ours. And together we can move forward not backward. Whatever we do, let us remember that from green to gangrene can happen… and it is.

Thanks for coming by.

Here and Now

Hi There

Welcome to this website. I hope you will enjoy a little walk about my life. At the moment I am very concerned about several global issues particularly the right to free speech and where it crosses the line into harassment and terrorism. I have found myself at the very forefront of radically active hate without the ability to respond. While I am in absolute favor of the right to say how you feel I absolutely can find no justification for the tactics that many groups use to undermine simple lives. To lie about someone or something is not a way to get your point across. Our ancestors did not leave somewhere else to come here and have all their terrors reinvented in the new world. While it would be great if we could all agree it would be better still if we could all be kind. It is hard to deal with an enemy and still stay spiritually connected. There are no ethics in being unethical oneself. There are no morals in being immoral and substituting lies for truth. There is no excuse for free speech with a mask on there is no excuse for harassment and terror in any way in any shape in any form. There is no truth in violence. The world is a fragile place right now. In almost every country there is injustice and intolerance neither of which will get us a better world. What to do?

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