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Entrepreneur, Educator & Facilitator with clearly demonstrated success in each field of endeavor. 40 Years of extensive world travel has provided the opportunity to experience and gain an understanding of many cultures, traditions, languages and myths, which has contributed to a global outlook and a synthesizing and interdisciplinary frame of mind.

From Primitive cultures in undeveloped countries to the most sophisticated cultures in technically advance countries; the similarity of human experience is as striking as the differences. This apparent Unity which underlies the diversity of life has developed an ongoing appreciation for, and interest in, further research and study in the growth and development of human potential.


Montana Dream Tending Retreat, Pacifica, October 29 - November 2 2011

Psychodynamic Diagnosis of Personality Disorders, Pacifica, July 2011

The Dark Side of the Self, Intensive Program, Jung Institute N.Y., July 2011

On going workshops Depth Psychology, Dr. James Hillman, 1991-2010

Advanced Dreamwork, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, California, 2001-2010 continuous series.

Archetypical Pattern Analysis, Assisi Institute, 2005-2007

Study in human behavior, Dr. Brugh Joy, 1991-2009

International Association for the Study of Dreams, Annual conferences 2000, 2004, 2008

Worked towards P.H.D. in Depth Psychology and Mythology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, California, 1996-2001 (now on leave of absence).

Summer Course Depth Psychology, Jung Institute New York, 1998

Depth Psychology, Jung Institute Switzerland Audit Course, 1996

Reflexology, International Institute of Reflexology, 1980

Geography Courses, University of Calgary, 1976

Certificate of Education, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1973.

Associate Degree in Applied Science, State University of New York, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City, New York, 1969.

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1968.

Career Highlights

Entrepreneur and Business Manager

1977-94 -- My husband and I designed and established The Source - a tribal import store - and imported original art and crafts from around the world. Regular buying trips to purchase art from primitive tribes were a necessary and exciting part of operating this business.

The Source featured original work, purchased directly from artists in South East Asia, Central America, Mexico, The Middle East, India, Thailand and many other countries. This exposure to other cultures, and the desire to communicate directly, resulted in learning several languages including Spanish, Indonesian and French. Along with English and Hebrew, which I already spoke, this allowed me to communicate comfortably in most countries.

The Source managed by my husband, a new business concept began to unfold. This concept developed into a unique business venture - Snowflake - a quality fashion store featuring Canadian designers and manufacturers. Within a year, Snowflake had expanded and was established in the Banff Springs Hotel. We were well on our way to earning the enviable reputation and prominence we hold today. In 1987 we opened our first store in Vancouver. In 1989 we expanded even more and opened at the Chateau Whistler in Whistler. With two stores opening in Vancouver in 1994 at the Westin Bayshore and the Hotel Vancouver, we had six successful stores in Western Canada. Over the years stores have opened and closed. We currently have five permanent Snowflake locations.

Aside from the satisfaction of creating a successful business venture, another important factor has been the role I have played though Snowflake in fostering Canadian talent and design. In the last 30 years of the operation, I have worked with talented designers, providing advice, information, merchandising ideas and encouragement as well as providing a showcase for their creations.

I have encouraged and promoted the development of staff over the years, providing a great working atmosphere, on the job training, and mentoring as well as paying for personal development as well as work related courses.

Since 1997 I have been instrumental in the development and marketing of our first private label line, Miriam Joy, which is manufactured in China.

We created a company training and operations manual, the road map of which came from me. It is updated periodically to reflect the ongoing nature of business.

In addition to the retail business in 2004 I started a wholesale business which manufactures and designs fur accessories called Fursure. We currently supply accessories around Canada and in the United States.

Although I am stepping back from the day to day running of the company, having trained my replacement, I am still the chief visionary.

While there are many aspects to any success story, major reasons for Snowflake's success are innovation, the willingness to adapt to change and a management style that encourages participation and staff development. Our company's mandate is "Have Fun, Learn Lots, and Make Money".

Throughout the years I have invested time, money, and ideas to up and coming young men and women, becoming a unique venture capitalist. Businesses that have come into being, or continued with my help include; a school, a jewelry store, a ferry service, a printing company and an organic farm.

I have been nominated for Businesswoman of the Year, and Entrepreneur of the Year.

In 1999 I was the keynote speaker at The Fur Show in Montreal.

Educator and Facilitator

1967-68 -- My teaching experience began during my third year of undergraduate studies at the University of Manitoba, when I was selected as a teaching assistant in Economics. Following graduation from the University, I enrolled in a degree program at the State University in New York, Fashion Institute of Technology. After successful completion of my program, I returned to Winnipeg where I taught at the Angus School of Business and Success Business College. I also held a two year teaching assignment at the Red River Community College which preceded and followed a trip around the world in 1971. The most fascinating teaching experience I had while traveling was in Bali where I lived at the palace and taught Prince Jakorde Agung and his family to speak English. Another memorable adventure during my 1971 travels was delivering mail for CUSO in northern Thailand.

1973-76 -- Returning to Winnipeg after my trip around the world, I resumed teaching at Red River College in the evening while completing my Certificate of Education at the University of Manitoba. It was an honour to be chosen by the Board of Governors at the University to chair the 1973 Festival of Life and Learning. This four day program with a $100,000.00 budget was a huge responsibility but it provided great satisfaction to bring this multi-faceted project to a successful conclusion.

I also served on the Board of Directors for the Montessori School from 1973-76 and held various substitute teaching assignments. However, during 1974-76 the emphasis shifted to family as our daughter Miel was born in 1974.

1976 -- A major move to Bragg Creek, a small town in Alberta brought as well, a substitute teaching position. Without question, one of the most challenging experiences of my life. Eight grades in a one room school provided more than a taste of pioneer life! In 1977 we moved to Banff, where we became deeply involved in business and travel.

In 2009 I was the guest speaker at the North Bay Fur Harvesters conference and International guest judge at Chapeau Russia. It is one of the largest hat shows in the world and a guest speaker at Shaarey Zedek Synagogue.

In 2000 I was a guest speaker on a morning radio show and an internet radio show regarding Dream Analysis.

In 1997 I had the honor of being a guest leader for dream workshop in Ranch La Puerta, Mexico.

Other Interests and Activities

I have spent the last several years exploring and studying the religions of the world and their spiritual practices. I was ordained as an inter-faith Rabbi in January 2010 and will be ordained as a Maggid, a Jewish Sacred Storyteller in June of 2010. I have an ongoing counseling practice helping people to revision their lives from a more spiritual perspective.

1991-Present -- The scope and depth of human potential and the numerous methods and practices utilized to understand the mystery of life has been a life long study. In my quest for knowledge, I have attended many conferences around the world. One thing I have gained is an appreciation for how many ways there are to do the same thing!

Past activities have included a series of workshops with Brugh Joy, conference at the Jung Institute in Switzerland and New York, Vippassana meditation retreats, ASD Conferences in Washington DC and Vancouver, and an ongoing involvement with the Women's Movement. After attending a Women's Camp in California, I helped establish similar camps in Seattle and Loon Lake as well as bring a similar event into Canada.

Workshops on Nutrition / Healing, Journal Writing and Dreams have been activities of interest. I have been the opening speaker at an AIDS Retreat held at Loon Lake, and have spoken at a senior's Group. I started an ongoing Dream workshop. Now there are two. I offer private and group sessions in dream tending, organization development, crisis counseling, grief work, teen counseling and more.

I am a scholar at heart; I love to learn and to be around people who have a lively curiosity about life. I also love to teach and to share the experiences I have had on my own journey through life. Some of the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, I have developed and presented in seminars and workshops. Topics include:
A Cluttered Closet - Cluttered Mind
How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything
Values and Ethics in Growing a Business
Soul to Sole

Another important activity and interest was the six years I served as a Director of the Board for the Banff Television Foundation. Each year we sponsored the Banff Television Festival, a world class event. On behalf of the Board, I prepared and hosted the Opening Brunch for 100 guests each year. It was great fun and a wonderful way to open the Festival.

Travel has been and continues to be an important part of my life. In recent years I have traveled to many countries to learn more about other cultures and mystical places: crop circles in England, Castles in Ireland, oracle sites in Greece, ancient civilizations in Tunisia and Italy, South Pacific Islands, The Marquises, The Galapagos, Israel, India, China, Cuba, Bahamas, and Alaska Hawaii and Corners New Mexico in the States.

The World is my classroom. Every day is a new course on something. Although others are just coming to recognize the value of alternate health and spiritual practices, New Age is old hat to me. It has been part of my life for over three decades. I have been a professional Taro Card Reader for over thirty years. I have been a professional practitioner of Reflexology for just as long. I have worked with Paavo Airola, Dr. Bernard Johnson, and Hawaiian massage healers.

I have sponsored workshops in Vancouver for Brugh Joy and James Wanless. The list of others we are trying to bring to Vancouver is ever growing.

I have been a long standing advocate for pro-choice regarding furs, supporting the industry when few other Canadian Retailers would. I have even consulted on fur costuming for a Canadian made movie.

I my spare time, I write Sufi Poetry.

I am not afraid of change. I always like to try new and different things. I don't like to live in a world of same old. I envision things and then I make them happen.

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